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Life of Berezovoy
Space mail
Unique and original diary written from 22 June to
29 November 1982 by the Commander of Elbrus expedition, 51st Pilot, cosmonaut and hero of the Soviet Union.



about the diary certificate of authenticity terms of sale

The Diary by Anatoli N.Berezovoy
Direct Negotiation Sale

Terms of Sale

The Diary of Anatoli N. Berezovoy (hereinafter referred to as "Diary") is available by privately negotiated sale.
Vaccari S.r.l. is the company organizing the sale and is solely acting as an agent.

Technical Data
The description of the Diary has been written with the utmost care and in good faith.
The Diary is accompanied by a certificate of authenticity by Anatoli N. Berezovoy, dated 21/04/2001 and signed in the city of Moscow.

The Diary can be viewed by potential purchasers upon request and by appointment only at the Vaccari S.r.l. offices.
After giving their personal data in writing, those viewing the Diary will be held responsible for any damages to the Diary.

Price and Sale
The sale is privately negotiable.
The Diary will be sold to the first purchaser who accepts the price requested by Vaccari S.r.l.
The price will be communicated exclusively to potential purchasers at viewing and/or in a private meeting.
The purchaser's offer for the requested price must be sent to Vaccari S.r.l. by registered letter with return receipt or brought to the Vaccari offices in person, in an envelope containing the purchaser's personal details with fiscal code, any company name, VAT number, residence and/or mailing address, banking coordinates and payment method.
The sale price of the Diary will not be made public by Vaccari S.r.l. without written authorization by the purchaser and/or upon explicit written request.

Payment, Insurance and Transport
Payment and delivery methods for the Diary (upon payment) will be determined together with the purchaser through a private agreement in which all details will be explicitly formalized.
The Diary is insured for its estimated value by Vaccari S.r.l. with coverage provided by Lloyd's London until the sale has been made. Upon the sale, insurance expenses will be undertaken by the purchaser (also costs for the deposit of the Diary at Vaccari S.r.l. until final payment has been made), as well as costs for shipping, unless the Diary is picked up at the offices of Vaccari S.r.l.
The definitive purchase price (assigned price of the Diary and any shipping and/or insurance fees) includes VAT (with the exception of exportation to countries outside the European Union). If the Diary is exported outside of the EU, VAT and any other duties on the Diary present in the country in which it is exported will be at the expense of the purchaser according to the fiscal regulations of the destination country.

It is understood that the purchaser, both acting in person or as a representative, has viewed the Diary and the attached certificate of authenticity by Anatoli N. Berezovoy, prior to purchase. Any complaints and/or return of the Diary will not be accepted (which is to say that the purchaser is considered satisfied with the viewing, description and certificate, which therefore binds the purchaser to such conditions).

Miscellaneous Information
In all stages of the sale (viewing, communication of requested price, written offer, payment and delivery), the purchaser may be represented by an agent and/or third party, who must present the original signed power of attorney. If the power of attorney is not presented, the agent shall undertake all contractual obligations in relation to the sale. In such case, Vaccari S.r.l. reserves the right to accept the sale of the Diary.
Vaccari S.r.l. reserves the right to reject an offer at its own discretion and does not assume any liability in terms of negligence, error or fault in the execution of written offers.
The purchaser, in person or its representative, who sends a written offer to purchase the Diary, wholly accepts the aforementioned terms of sale, and is personally and fully responsible for the purchase of it.
Personal data will be handled by Vaccari S.r.l. in accordance with Legislative Decree no.196/2003.
For any disputes, the competent court will be the court of Modena (Italy).

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